Delicious strips of tender beef, potatoes and a medley of chunky vegetables come together in our delicious tomato sauce to create a fantastic, warming stew.


Each tin provides enough stew to feed 6 people.


Due to the freeze-drying process, preparing this feast is quick and easy; simply add boiling water and wait for the ingredients to rehydrate and a hearty and warming meal is good to go in no time.


You can also rehydrate the tins using cold water, the process takes a bit longer, but the food is still completely safe to eat, this is useful for emergency situations where you need food but access to hot water is limited.


The tins are easy to store and benefit from a lengthy 25-year shelf life, making them the perfect addition to any emergency food supply or preparation plan.


The ease of preparation and storage makes them perfect for those looking to make sure they are ready for any situation and able to feed themselves if stuck in a power cut or isolated area.

Beef Stew with Potato

30,00 €Price
  • Allergens listed in bold:

    Diced Potatoes (29%), Cooked Beef Strips (10%), Diced Carrots, Green Beans, Diced Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Tomato Puree, Cornflour, Salt, White Pepper

  • Fat Total (g): 32, Of which saturates: 6.6, Carbohydrate Total (g): 38, Carbohydrate From Sugars (g): 9.2, Fibre: 3.3, Protein (g): 20, Salt: 3.1