If you need to feed a substantial group of people, or you’re simply looking to add additional meat to another dish, our Cooked Diced Chicken Tins could be the answer. Each tin provides enough chicken to serve 24 people and can help you quickly and effectively add additional protein to each meal.


The chicken is cooked and diced prior to being freeze-dried and allows you to store a large quantity of food in a much more manageable area.


Perfect for those looking to ensure they have a well-stocked food supply.


Having access to a quantity of food is important for those who want to be ready for any potential natural disasters or who work in isolated areas.


These ingredient tins not only allow you to bulk out other meals to potentially feed more people, but also can be a massive help in the creation of your own dishes.

Diced Chicken

28,00 €Price


  • Fat Total (g): 16, Of which saturates: 4.6, Carbohydrate Total (g): 0, Carbohydrate From Sugars (g): 0, Fibre: 0, Protein (g): 87, Salt: 0.2