Future Food Club was created because underneath the stable and easy food system that most of us experience day to day lies a hidden truth - systemic food insecurity. We are a non profit that is setting about creating a resilient system of food ownership and control using a digital token ownership model.


We have created a tradable token that represents KiloJoules of 25 year life freeze-dried food stored securely and redeemable from locations around the world. The inventory is traded continuously via Amazon and immediately replenished thereby maintaining the 25 year life integrity of the stock and your digital tokens.

Why digital tokens? Climate change and other threats such as pandemics or financial shocks risk enormous disruption to systems such as food that are really designed for plain sailing conditions. Digital Tokens afford their holders the opportunity to frictionlessly trade into other digital currencies if they prefer to do so.

We are proud to be the first ever undertaking of this kind.


We are happy to jump on a call anytime to discuss with you what we are doing.